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I'm Mat, a Technologist, coder, and results-driven leader boasting over 15 years of diverse expertise and notable accomplishments in automation technologies, software and hardware engineering, and entrepreneurship. I'm passionate about leveraging technology to create lasting positive impact, and committed to developing and empowering top talent to achieve their full potential.

I consult at Only One T, where I specialize in technology strategy, modern software architecture, devops and automation, website design, SEO, and PPC advertising. I've played a key role in the successful launch of numerous ventures within the realms of SaaS, digital advertising, and mobile application development, contributing to their notable success. Whether you're looking to hire or connect, feel free to reach out at hello [at] onlyonet.com.

In 2023, I joined the talented engineering team at Daily Harvest. I'm actively involved in reimagining, restructuring, and rearchitecting our backend eCommerce systems to boost performance, enhance efficiency, and save costs.

In 2014, I partnered with a remarkable team to establish Forever Oceans, the world's first vertically integrated open-ocean aquaculture company. Over the course of a decade, we built a global team of rock star engineers, scientists, and technicians, successfully raised over $115M in venture funding, and deployed the world's first truly open-ocean fish farms in Hawai'i and Panama. As CTO, I led the development and deployment of multiple large-scale automated fish farms and pioneered several innovative patented technologies.

Prior to Forever Oceans, I worked for Lockheed Martin where I served in a lead engineer capacity across multiple domains including cyber security, space situational awareness, and command and control systems. I was the Chief Technologist on the Lockheed Aquaculture team which was spun out in 2014 to become Forever Oceans.

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Featured Work

ACTIVE Ratio Render

Dynamic aspect-driven image rendering for web developers. Rather than serving up fixed dimension jpg or png images, Ratio Render serves up SVGs which maintain their aspect ratios while scaling infinitely. It's built with Node, powered by AWS Lambda, and deployed via Terraform.

ACTIVE Who is hiring?

Who is hiring? is an open-source app designed to simplify navigating through Hacker News' "Who's Hiring" monthly posts. It's built with React and Tailwind and deployed to gh-pages.

Past Work

SOLD Standup Paddle Board Guide

Started in 2016, I established an Amazon affiliate marketing site focused on stand up paddle boards (SUP). Over the course of 2 years I implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, encompassing on & off page SEO, PPC advertising, and social medial which resulted in over $2,000 in MRR. I produced all social media content including producing a recurring video series entitled, "This Week in SUP". Some videos you can still find on YouTube. The SUP Guide was sold in 2018.

DISSOLVED Valley Forge Tech Meetup

In 2014, I teamed up with the amazing Kari Bancroft, and co-founded Valley Forge Tech, a tech focused Meetup in Valley Forge, PA. The Meetup brought together the disparate science and technology communities, and fostered networking and collaboration within the dynamic tech scene of Valley Forge. In a less than 8 months the group grew to over 200+ active members. Through cultivating partnerships with local businesses and executives, we orchestrated a variety of successful events, including demo days, hackathons, and meet and greets. You can find remnants of our website and hackathons on Github. Valley Forge Tech was disbanded in 2015.

SHUT DOWN Fido Pet Adoptions

Fido Pet Adoptions was a mobile application dedicated to pairing pets with their forever homes. Utilizing the PetFinder API, the app enabled users to explore and refine their search for adoptable pets in their vicinity. Compatible with both Android and iOS, the app garnered over 24,000 Monthly Active Users by 2012. Fido Pet Adoptions was shutdown in 2014.

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