Forever Oceans Boat

After an extraordinary 13-year journey with Forever Oceans, filled with awe-inspiring moments, hard work, professionalism, dedication, and the unwavering passion and love of dozens of exceptional individuals from across the globe, I am pleased to announce my transition from the role of CTO to that of an advisor.

The memories we’ve created together are simply too numerous to capture in a single post. Perhaps one day, I’ll write a book that delves into the incredible experiences that have shaped my career, and the career of countless others. Throughout all the hours of hard work to navigating the unpredictable forces of nature, including the challenges posed by a global pandemic, enduring lengthy flights and sleepless nights, each and every moment has been an invaluable gem, and will be treasured and cherished beyond measure.

To each and every remarkable individual who has been a part of this incredible Forever Oceans odyssey, I want to express my deepest gratitude. Together, we have achieved something truly unique and special. It fills me with excitement to envision the remarkable future that lies ahead for Forever Oceans. Your unwavering dedication and contributions have been instrumental in our success, and I am truly grateful for the journey we have shared.