Forever Oceans Most Innovative 2023

I am beyond thrilled and humbled to share the exciting news that Forever Oceans has been recogonized by Fast Company as a one of the most innovative companies in the world!

This recognition is not just a testament to the strides we’ve made in sustainable aquaculture but also a celebration of the collective effort and dedication of everyone across the company.

Fast Company spotlighted our pioneering approach to fish farming, emphasizing the potential environmental impact of traditional methods in bays and estuaries. At Forever Oceans, we took a different course, literally and figuratively, by raising sashimi-grade fish more than 10 miles offshore. Our commitment to sustainability is embedded in every aspect of our operations, and it’s thrilling to see our efforts acknowledged on a global stage.

In 2022, off the coast of Panama, we reached a milestone in the evolution of our offshore remote technology and systems. Using AI-powered cameras, remote-controlled robots, and a single-point mooring system, we’ve not only streamlined our farming processes but also minimized our ecological footprint. The software platform we’ve created can seamlessly ingest data from multiple remote farm locations, covering everything from water quality to fish behavior, ensuring a holistic and data-driven approach to our operations.

Looking forward, the future looks bright for Forever Oceans. In January we’ve expanded our reach by signing a 20-year lease on a farm off the coast of Brazil, the largest of its kind. This venture not only underlines our global ambitions but also positions Forever Oceans as a leader in sustainable aquaculture on an international scale. The recognition from Fast Company is a strong validation of our efforts to redefine the future of fish farming.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to the entire Forever Oceans team. This achievement is a reflection of the collective brilliance, resilience, and hard work that each member has poured into this endeavor. As a leader, I am proud to be surrounded by individuals who share a passion for innovation, sustainability, and making a positive impact on our planet. Forever Oceans is not just a company; it’s a movement, and I am honored to be at the helm as we navigate uncharted waters in pursuit of a better, more sustainable world.

Thank you to Fast Company for this incredible honor, and here’s to the next chapter of innovation and growth at Forever Oceans!