Part 1: Configuring anonymous share with samba server

To install the samba package,enter the following command:

sudo apt-get install samba samba-common

Check the version of installed samba software by using this command:

smbd --version

Also install these suggested packages for samba:

sudo apt-get install python-glade2 system-config-samba

Go to your Windows machine and use this command in order to check the WORKGROUP name:

net config workstation

It will show the output, something like this:

Backup the smb.conf file, then delete it and create the new one:

Add this, in your smb.conf file (or change it according to your requirement):

Save the smb.conf file and restart the service:

sudo service smbd restart

Access the samba share from windows (where ubuntu is the name of my samba server):

wao, we are able to access the samba share successfully.

Let’s try to create something, inside the share folder:

Error, we cannot create anything inside the share folder.

Check the current permission on the samba share:

Change it, in such a way that everyone can read and write it (Check it, that it is allowed in your nvironment or not):

Try to create something again, inside the share folder:

Verify the newly created file on samba server:

Part 2: Add and manage users and groups

Add a group in your ubuntu server (in my case smbgrp):

Create a new share, set the permission on the share, add the user to the samba group and create samba password:

Add the newly created samba share in smb.conf file:

Restart the samba service and check the syntax error with testparm:

Testing from Windows Machine:

Verification from Ubuntu server:

Hope this post helped you as much as it helped me.

Thanks to rbgeek for this post - Source