Inspired by my own experiences in the tech job market, I developed a unique tool to streamline the search for startup opportunities.

Introducing the Who is Hiring? app - an open-source project designed to simplify navigating through Hacker News’ ‘Who’s Hiring’ monthly posts. Crafted with React and Tailwind, built with Jekyll, and hosted on gh-pages, this app is your gateway to the latest tech job listings.

Who is Hiring App Interface

Simplifying Your Job Hunt

Access Multiple Listings Easily

Every month, Hacker News publishes an Ask HN: Who is hiring? thread. This app allows you to explore the latest posts by default, with the option to explore previous months through the use of a simple dropdown selection.

Selecting a Hiring Post

Advanced Keyword Filtering

Find exactly what you’re looking for with our keyword search feature. Whether it’s mainstream technologies like Node.js and Python or niche languages like OCaml, our app narrows down your choices with ease.

Keyword Search Feature

Remote Opportunities at Your Fingertips

With remote work on the rise, filter to view only remote job listings. A simple checkbox brings you closer to finding your next remote role.

Filtering Remote Jobs


I welcome your feedback! Encounter an issue or have a suggestion? Feel free to submit a pull request.

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